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This game is SO GOOD! And it was created in only two weeks. I'm amazed!! It's one of the best games I've found here and I'd definitelly love to see more from you. The humor was great and in the right places, the story engaging and the puzzles smart and  had the right amound of difficulty.  I also liked the fact that I didn't have to click every time I just wanted to see an object, just to hover above it. Great work!!

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This game was a ton of fun! I was really blown away by the aesthetic and how high quality the artwork is, I can't emphasis enough how impressed I am with the fact this was made in under two weeks! I'm looking forward to the full version of the game. 

I edited down my playthrough of the game, it's mostly just me enjoying it and pointing out things I like! :)

Great game ! Really funny and original, with great animations

I LOVED playing this game during the pandemic. It really brightened a monotonous day! I remembered this game now a year or two later and wanted to say thanks!! :)

This game was incredibly fun, it's been a while since I've laughed so hard at a point and click game. Thank you for this!

Here's my gameplay video of it, can't wait to get the full release version!

This was so fun to play :D I can't wait for your guys' full release!

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My thoughts here: Before I simply gush excitedly about the game and the big news here, I have a little article I wrote about it back in the mid-phase of it all. It's just an earlier me getting stoked about playing indie games after trying loco-motive, but it's kind of funny because my wish for a full release in it basically is coming true.

When I saw that this was going live on Switch, I did a fist-pump and yelled "YES!" I've always adored this game, and it feels like a gift to see it happen. From the charming characters to the steam engine aesthetic, it has such a fun theme.  And you bet I want to play the steam chug out of the Switch version. I noticed the release is from Chucklefish too, totally on the Chucklefish wavelength right now, and I know you'll do well with them. I am so excited for you. Best wishes! :)


This has been great. I'm so damned happy this is becoming a full-fledged game and also multi-platform, because it's meant for Switch!

Can't wait to see how the plot evolves in the full version.

Just out of curiosity, are you guys using also PowerQuest for the full game or you had to write your own engine? 

Thank you for the kind words! We're continuing to use Unity as our engine, including PowerQuest.

hey guys! ive played this game and been following your development and i gotta say i am so glad youve decided to make this a full release game. i really love these types of games, and really enjoyed this one but it left me wanting more. more to the story, more to the characters, etc. thanks so much. ;ooking forwrd to the full release

Thank you, we're really excited to get to build on the story and characters and we're excited to share more soon :D

Very cute.  Humour in the right places. Only thing I didn't like was being unable to skip dialogue cause sometimes I'd hit the same person twice on accident. 

To say this was only made in 2 weeks is hella impressive! Absolutely loved playing it, the writing was hilarious, the game looked and played great, honestly would recommend to people 

This was so good thank you.🥰 Also congratulations on the new version that going on the Switch. 😊👍I just saw it and was so happy for you because this game is a blast and you deserve it 😁

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I enjoyed playing this game. It had both comedy and mystery to it which I really liked. 

This was really amazing! It's made in two weeks so i get it, bc there were like some bugs i found, but the over  all game was nice.

The art style was really beautiful and the music was giving the atmosphere a little touch.It's just sad that at some point the music stopped :( 

Also, it was really funny and i really did not see the end coming!

It was really good and i wouldn't have noticed that you had just two weeks, because this game was already really good!

this is a really cool game, especially when i know that this was made in 2weeks only! good job developer


I just wanted to say: Congratulations on the new plan for the re-imagining of the game :)

I loved this version and I'm sure I will absolutely love the full game.

Thank you!! :)


Although it was made in 2 weeks, it was a very fun game that was not boring. I played it with my friend and we laughed a lot in some places, we had a lot of fun, a very cool game.

Great animations and made a small location seem huge!

A lot of characters make their mark in a compact and complete story.

I absolutely love this game! Especially the art style! This game is a great example of how with so few pixels and just some subtle movement animations can look great is!

HELP! The game won't open! I've downloaded the game for mac and  it says I don't have permission to open it, even though my user is an admin, and when I open the info window, above where it says I have permission to "read and write," it says I have "custom access."

How do I fix this? Please help!

This game is great! Amazing for something made in 2 weeks. I streamed this to my friends when I played it and we all loved it!

What a great mini game! I'm a big fan of point and click adventure games, and this one was so good. Much better than many productions by big game studios! I made a donation to support the team behind it. Do not waste your talent and get right to making games! :)

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this was just the perfect amount of laughter to end my night! the game mechanics work great, the artwork is fantastic, and makes for a nice hour-long game session. plus, this was made in 2 weeks only?? insane skills! i can't believe we get to play this absolute gem for free. and the cliffhanger? i need to know what happened!! major kudos to everyone involved!

Great game, had an amazing time with the puzzles and had a few laughs along the way!

Loved it. 5 stars. I laughed out loud more than I expected too. I quite enjoyed the cheesy and stupid puns. Especially that one at the end, despite how wrong it was XD. I kinda called him getting the estate from the start but I must know one thing: DID ARTHUR SURVIVE THE LAST TUNNEL OR NOT?!

Hillarious and exciting. Wow!

Lovely game. The thumbnail caught my eye and ended up enjoying it a lot.

Really fun dialogues too :)

what a nice game! It was wonderful to play it! Congratulations!


Fun little one hour point and click. Nice and neat!


This was brilliant. It has the charm, humour and feel of the old LucasArts games and was made in just 2 weeks! I will definitely be getting the paid version when it releases.

I really enjoyed this game. I am a big fan of point and click games and this was right up my alley. I can't wait to see what you come up with next and I hope its filled with more pop culture, humor and adventure goodness.


Games like this are why is such a blessing to this world, absolutely loved it

I couldn't finish the game without watching a walk-through. For some reason, the will is invisible for me so I didn't get a clean run. Over all, great game : ).


For some reason, I opened the game played for a bit then closed it, however when I opened it again none of the options work. Like I can't continue or open credits or new game.

I have the exact same issue :(


Great game, funny dialogs. Reminded me of Monkey Island jokes.

I just finished the game and really enjoyed it! The old lady with the hearing problem had me laughing pretty hard, even after I beat it. Great job!


Big fan of the interface. The game captures exactly what it's aiming for.


This was a really cool experience, it's a short game indeed, but is a really good one 


Played and finished the game; it was a very pleasant experience. It is a very well made game. Congratulations

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